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There are now seven "Survivor" Games online: 
Round 12:


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RULES: Every week, two contestants will be eliminated from the
competition - until 5 contestants are remaining, when only one
contestant will be eliminated each week. Voting begins Monday, July 3rd,
2000, and will continue until the "survivor" of this battle royale is crowned. 
-The baseballboards polls will continue until a winner from each group is selected, who will then move on to a one week semi-final round involving all three semi-finalists. One contestant will be booted off the island, leaving the two finalists to battle it out for the crown in a one-week sudden-death showdown.The winner from each group will be announced on October 9, 2000, the semi-finals on October 16, 2000, and the winner to be revealed on October 23, 2000

Note: Each week will run from Monday am to Sunday midnight. A new
round will begin each Monday at 12:01am - or as close as possible to midnight.
Results will be posted here every Monday morning - beginning Monday,
July 10, 2000. Check back each week, and don't forget to vote!
Remember - you are voting for the person you least want to survive this ordeal - in other words, the person you vote for may be booted off the island if he has the most votes from that round.

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