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Montreal Expos

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  Expos 2000 Spring Training Report:
  1st Game:
  Saturday, March 4, 2000
  Cards @ Expos 1:05pm
   Live Spring Training Scoreboard
  -Expos Poll

  Expos Game Reports:

  Monday, April 3, 2000
  Dodgers @ Expos 7:05pm Season Opener
  WP:                LP:

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News Archive

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2000: The Expos unveiled their new downtown stadium...details.



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Expos 2000 Record:

Season Home Road Streak
- - - -
vs RHP vs LHP Extra Innings Team Errors
- - - -
vs East Central vs West vs AL
- - - -
April May June


- - - -
August September October One-Run Games
- - - -

Record when Expos Hit a Home Run: Record when Expos do not Hit a Home Run:
- -
As of April 3, 2000 - Games Played

Countdown until Opening Day
at Labatt Park - April 12, 2002!



I have visited these cities, so I enjoy checking back every few days. Don't forget to come back here after your tour around the world. More cams on the weather pages.

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Through October 3, 1999

Atlanta 103 59 .636 -
New York 96 66 .593 7
Philadelphia 77 85 .475 26
Montreal 68 94 .420 35
Florida 64 98 .395 39

last 10 games: 4-6

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Spring Schedule

Pitchers and catchers report to Jupiter, FLA on Thursday, February 17, 2000.
March 4: Cards vs Expos 1:05pm
March 5: Cards vs Expos 1:05pm
March 6: Mets @ Expos 1:05pm
March 7: Expos @ Marlins 6:05pm

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Printer-friendly 2000 Schedule or this version here.

Topics of the Day:
1. Hire Cheerleaders!
2. Fire Joe Cannon!
3. Trade Rumours!
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1999 Expos Final Stats
Games through October 3, 1999

Players HR RBI Ave.
V. Guerrero 42 131 .316
R. White 22 64 .312
J.Vidro 12 59 .304
C.Widger 14 56 .266
M.Barrett 8 52 .293
Player W L ERA
D.Hermanson 9 14 4.20
M. Thurman 7 11 4.05
J. Vazquez 9 8 5.00
U. Urbina 6 6 3.69
J. Powell 4 8 4.73

Urbina finished the season with a league-leading 41 saves.

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