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"Save Our Expos"

Welcome to the "Save Our Expos" page - a site devoted to keeping the Montreal Expos in Montreal for many more years, and getting you - the fans, involved in promoting this online appeal to save our team, and keeping you informed about the latest news concerning our young and exciting team.

This online appeal to save the Expos is not an attempt to place blame, it is instead, an attempt to gather the opinions of Expos fans from around the world to try to make our feelings known to Major League Baseball and to the Montreal Expos owners that we love our team and we want them to stay in Montreal.

Please get involved. Sign the petition, fill in the Guestbook, tell us about your favorite Expos memories and highlites of the team over the years. Read the articles I have found that explore the Expos ownership battle and prospects for the future of the team in Montreal. But most of all, you must get involved. Make your voice heard - like in the movie "Network", shout from the rooftops, "I am not going to take this anymore". The Expos should and must remain in Montreal, but only if we, the fans, tell the powers-that be, that we will support the team in the future.




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