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Dear fellow Expos Fan,

The Expos Season Opener is on Monday, April 3rd, 2000. It is extremely important that as many people as possible attend the first few games of the season. We must show our support to the team, the players, and the new ownership group. We must also show the rest of the baseball world that we are serious about our Expos, and that we will support them the entire season.

Towards that end, a group of us die-hard Expos fans is organizing an event for the first game of the season, as well as Dustin (The Poster) Hermanson's first start at Olympic Stadium. We must surpass last year's Home Opener crowd of 43,000. The Olympic Stadium must be full to the rafters. Everyone should be wearing a red Expos cap! We must make it an event! A media thing - so that those big, arrogant Americans will stand up and take notice. We will get Britney Spears to sing the American anthem, and Shania Twain/CÚline Dion to sing the Canadian anthem. We will have cheerleaders on the dugouts between innings, and Hollywood celebrities sitting in the box seats beside our new owner, Jeffrey Loria.

Write me if you want more information. Let me know you want to take part in what will certaintly go down as one of the greatest nights in the history of sports in Montreal. 

We will stand and scream and cheer every play, every at-bat, every out. Win or lose, it does not matter - we must stand up and make our voices heard. This is a revolution. THIS IS OUR TEAM! We, the fans, must save our Expos and keep them until they move to Labatt Park and win a World Series or two or three!

The Expos are our team, and no American city will ever take them from us. And by the way, the players are here to stay as well. No more fire sales, no more trades, no more give-aways.

So please, get your tickets to the Home Opener. And keep on going. We will go every week or so. If every person goes 10 or 12 times, we will double the attendance.

50,000 at the Olympic Stadium on April 3rd, 2000. Let the party begin!

Montreal - The Baseball Festival City!

To borrow from one of the guys on

The Expos - All the way in Y2K!

Thank you for supporting the future World Series Champions of 2002-2003-2004!!!

See you at the Olympic Stadium in April at the Home Opener!      close window