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Posted: Wednesday, March 29, 2000 4:05pm

A WIN-WIN AGREEMENT - Labatt-Expos agreement is confirmed to both

MONTREAL, March 29 /CNW/ - Jeffrey Loria and Louis Morin, respectively
President and Chief Executive Officer of Montreal Expos, and President and
General Manager of La Brasserie Labatt, announced today that the 15-year
collaboration between the Expos and their major sponsor Labatt will be
extended, as expected, until the completion of the new stadium and for an
additional period of twenty years, once the construction will be completed.
``We clarified the meaning and scope of the agreement and are pleased to
confirm that together we are moving forward in a positive fashion,'' said Mr. Loria.

It will be remembered that the agreement signed in May 1998, valued at
approximately $100 million dollars over twenty years, covered the titling of
the new Expos downtown stadium, the Labatt Stadium, and the team's
sponsorship. Mr. Morin indicated that ``we are in the process of working out a number
of additional promotional activities for the 2000 season. I am confident that
these activities, which are especially aimed at all baseball fans and our
customers and consumers, will support the Expos efforts to build a
competitive, winning team in Montreal. Labatt believes in baseball in
Montreal, and we firmly believe we have demonstrated this in the past 15
years. We also proved it in May 1998 by concluding a long-term agreement, and
we are confirming it once again today.''

Mr. Loria said that he is pleased with the conclusion of this dossier
which occurs a few days before opening of the 32th season of Montreal Expos.
He noted that the agreement between La Brasserie Labatt and the Montreal Expos
remains linked to the construction of the new downtown baseball stadium. ``It
will be a modern, inviting stadium that will proudly bear the name Labatt
Stadium,'' concluded Mr. Loria.

50,000 at the Olympic Stadium on April 3rd, 2000. Let the party begin!

Montreal - The Baseball Festival City!

The Expos - All the way in Y2K!

Thank you for supporting the future World Series Champions of 2002-2003-2004!!!

See you at the Olympic Stadium in April at the Home Opener!