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Saturday, April 24, 2004

Hi George,

   Almost a year since we went to pick up Bailey at your farm. She came home without much trouble, although she hated her cage, and has not been it since that day.

   Bailey immediately became used to her new environment. She loves her huge backyard, spending almost every day outside, from early morning until well past sundown. She loves to sit on the lawn and watch everything going on around her. Her favourite activity quickly became chewing on my old slippers, running shoes, socks, tennis ball, sweaters, and of course, her wide assortment of chewing bones.

 When I get home from work every afternoon, we spend an hour playing in the yard. She loves to chase after her ball, and runs so fast, sometimes she is almost a blur. Her energy level is amazing, she never seems to sleep. She has two meals every day, at 6:00am and another meal at 6:00pm. She weighs 15 pounds and is in excellent health.

Her only bad time was when she was spade in January. She had to wear a cone for two weeks, and she really was not happy. I also did not like it, and we went a few days early and had the cone removed. She was an excellent patient, and the staff at the hospital adored her. Everybody kept on saying how cute she is.

We go for a walk every evening. She seems to know what time it is, because starting at around 7:00, she begins to go crazy - running to the door, jumping up, jumping down, and not satisfied until we are out the door. Then she goes on her tour of the neighbourhood, checking out everything going on, and especially looking for stuff on the street or on the lawns that she can put in her mouth.

We have had two dogs previously, but Bailey is the best. She is more fun, learns quickly, is more intelligent, and has boundless energy and enthusiasm. I very much enjoy having her, everyone she meets immediately falls in love with her, and I am looking forward to the next fifteen years with her.
Hope all is well with you, and that you have a wonderful summer,


André Beauregard