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Price Changes on Monday - do Dairy, give Frozen to Roger, if he does not have time, you will have to do them.

Sans Nom orders must be sent by 9:00a.m.

Sans Nom: No Name Yogurt 650ml, 16 pack, 8 pack, all types of butter, No Name Sour Cream, Cottage Cheese, 250g, 500g.

All orders should be on Marcia's desk no later than 10:00a.m. - preferably 9:30a.m.

On Friday, orders should be handed in as early as possible, i.e. 8:00a.m.!

Follow the plannograme for the bunkers exactly as it says. Do not change anything without first checking with Alain.

Mise en Marché is Thursday morning, ask Alain or Danny for it. It is usually in the bottom tray, left side, last page, make two photocopies for you and Ryan on the week-end.

Ask Ryan to do the "Pertes" on Monday and Wednesday evenings, if he is working, and on the week-ends. You should do the yogurt pertes. Just write down the codes on a paper, I will send them in in two weeks.

André (514) 684-7584

Good Luck!